Free Mastering Service

We are giving away free mastering for a time limited period.

After completely rebuilding the studio, expanding our available tools. We see an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the new room and reconnect with clients.

We still provide a fullrange surround monitoring system. It has been further augmented to now include 10.1 discrete channels. Carefully measured and calibrated.

All THX Certified. Dolby Atmos clients are welcome.

The complete range of universal audio software puts at our disposal, virtually any classic sound processor you may want to use to your benefit. When paired the option to use analog processors, it is possible to stay true to the mix, while retaining abillity to be creative and gain unique flavour.

So do no hesitate. Send in your request and we will reply within the day.

BlueSky System One. The basis of accurate audio monitoring at Owoo Nation.